About us


Thomas Foundation, launched on 2010, is a non-profit organisation registered with the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai. The Foundation is engaged in spreading financial literacy, consumer awareness and advocacy and works towards safe and fair market practices through workshops, Social Education, Rural Infection,, etc. We take pride in being fiercely independent, non-partisan and always pro-saver.

Motivated by the passion to drive lasting change in the lives of people, Thomas Foundation intends to build the capacities of the development sector and non-profits to enable them to bridge the outlay-outcome gap, which often poses a challenge to India's social endeavors.

Thomas Foundation is a grantmaking Indian public trust which believes that holistic social development can be achieved primarily through collective efforts and effective planning. It believes in 'trigger funding' inclusive social interventions, that demonstrate greater access to upscale Programs and generate State partnerships – building a synergistic alliance between the non-profit organizations, the government, industry and the communities. The Foundation aims to facilitate the development process by driving resources through non-profit organizations and by strengthening their strategies to help them adapt more efficient and impact-driven models of development.