What We Do?

We identify and financially support purely public charities that represent a great need. Specifically, we offer grants to organizations that focus on advancing leadership in the nonprofit sector, utilizing top management practices and producing projects that are uniquely replicable.

We do this by soliciting proposals from organizations throughout the United States that meet our funding criteria.  We then fund worthy projects by issuing material grants.

First Nonprofit originally focused primarily on educational causes. We have since expanded our focus, but our roots in education are still evident in the thoughtful leadership and educational resources we provide to nonprofits. We  have published white papers covering more than a dozen critical nonprofit management topics, including finances, volunteer management, risk management, strategic alliances, and much more. These proved so successful that Northwestern University incorporated them into its Nonprofit Management program. In addition, our president, Joe Geiger, frequently speaks about issues affecting the nonprofit sector at national conferences and seminars, and we have offered dedicated online courses to benefit nonprofits.

We do this because we believe in the power of the nonprofit sector, and we want to make resources available to help them succeed.


We provide counseling for molding betterment of students to the society and for the nation.

Our shared assumption is that schools are shaped by larger societal forces like politics, culture, economics, and moral values.  In other words, schools are not situated in a societal vacuum.  So we enlist perspectives from history, philosophy, sociology and cultural studies to explore the inter-relationships between schools and society.  Our program is for people who want to acquire, discover, and apply expert knowledge from these disciplines to address and resolve pressing problems in schooling, and in education more broadly.


We are registered a non government organization, run by a BOD made up members and environmental professionals that set both financial and program policy. We have taken a conservative strategy on both fronts. 

Financially, we have tried to grow our endowment so that we can continue to impact environmental education for longer than any of our lifetimes. 

Our disbursements to programs have been made from interest and income generated from our investments and the sale of note cards and t-shirts. Programmatically, we have tried to grow slowly so that we make each decision thoughtfully with Melinda's ideals and the ability to make a difference in mind. 

Through this conservative strategy we have ensured that your donations build our endowment and will provide lasting impacts beyond the face value of your gift.

Community Development

The Foundation supports prevention of youth violence and the use of information technology to enhance governance, the social sector, and quality of life. Thomas Foundation is exploring new ways to understand the challenges faced by cities around the world, and how to plan, manage, and govern to address them.